What are Hemorrhoids? How Are They Diagnosed & Treated?


Our digestive tract stretches along a long path. It contains several organs that help in the absorption and excretion of various substances. The final part of this pathway from where feces is excreted is called the anus. This part along with the rectum helps in removing all the waste materials from the body. Any medical condition in this region can cause discomfort for an individual.

One of the common problems that happen near the anus is hemorrhoids. It is a condition where the veins present in the anus and rectum become swollen. As a result of which, the patient has to go through several complications.

However, this is generally not a fatal disease and can be easily cured. Depending on the type of hemorrhoids, the doctor will perform a treatment to cure this problem. Some people do not even require any medical procedures and can eradicate this issue with basic medications, guidelines, and simple changes in their life.

Most of the time, elderly people are affected by hemorrhoids. But nowadays, because of improper lifestyle, some young and middle-aged people are also becoming susceptible to this condition.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are three types of hemorrhoids:

External Hemorrhoids: This type of condition happens around the anus area where most of your sensory nerves are located. It can cause severe pain and discomfort accompanied by bleeding and irritation.

Internal Hemorrhoids: Such hemorrhoids are found inside the anus and are generally less painful than external hemorrhoids. However, the patient may bleed during bowel movements and suffer from slight irritation. 

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids: It is also internal hemorrhoid but with more severity. In this form, the swollen veins come out of the anus and hang below. Even the muscles attached to the anus can permanently come out and hang out of the entire anus region. Such a scenario is quite painful.

Why Hemorrhoids occur?

There are many reasons due to which hemorrhoids can form in a human body. A few of the factors that are responsible for this medical condition are:

  • Sitting in the loo for long periods. 
  • Straining and creating pressure during excretion. 
  • Having prolonged constipation.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Lifting heavy weights without any support or protection.
  • Being overweight or obese.

Diagnosing and Curing Hemorrhoids

Method of diagnosis

During this procedure, the doctor will either check for any swelling or run an endoscopy scan on your anus and rectum. This is a short process and tells some information about hemorrhoids. A proctoscope, anoscope, or sigmoidoscope can be used to find the affected area.


Basic Procedures

First, the doctor will try to use less invasive techniques for curing this condition. If the patient has external hemorrhoid, then it can be easily removed by the doctor. Some medications can also be prescribed to heal the wound or reduce the swollen area. 

In the case of internal hemorrhoids, certain methods are applied on the area that includes coagulation, Injecting chemicals, and rubber band ligation. All these procedures require a minimal invasion of the tissues. 


If the other methods fail, then the patient will be assigned to a surgeon for proper treatment of hemorrhoids. The surgery proceeds in two ways. Either the entire section of the hemorrhoid is removed or the blood flow is blocked to reduce the size of the swollen area. Both procedures are invasive and can cause bleeding in patients. One should consult with the doctor before starting any surgical treatment.

General Remedies

Modify your Diet

Eat more fibrous food that will help to easily digest and excrete. You won’t have to create pressure and can smoothly remove waste from the anus. Also, you can add fiber supplements to your diet. 

Drink More Water

Drinking water can also help in the bowel movement and put less strain on your lower abdominal muscles. It further prevents constipation and clears the pathway of the digestive tract. 

Take Muscle Relaxants and Pain Relievers

Certain medications can relax your muscles and improve your daily bowels. Additionally, your doctor can prescribe certain drugs for numbing the pain.

Use Ointments

Prescribed ointments need to be applied in the affected area to recover from this medical condition. 

Change your Lifestyle

Create an active and healthy lifestyle along with taking less stress. Be relaxed and do not strain while performing your bowel movements. Additionally, one should not be obese as it can cause other complications related to hemorrhoids like constipation and diarrhea. 

Do not sit for long periods and go at the right time 

One should only pass the stools only when the body urges. Plus, avoid going frequently or sitting for long hours in the loo.

Where to find a Hemorrhoids surgeon in Singapore?

For hemorrhoids operation, one can go to a medical center dealing in hemorrhoids surgery Singapore. The Singapore colorectal surgeon will help the patient with proper medications and surgical procedures to fix this problem. All the necessary equipment and knowledge are available with a Singapore hemorrhoids surgeon. Get in touch today.

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